CaptureWess Features

Not only is it easy to use, but here are a few more features about how CaptureWess will turn your event from normal to awesome

Multiple Formats

CaptureWess supports multiple event and metric formats you can track. Your total measurement, total improvement and % improvement. You can track multiple metrics for one event and then rank them on one leaderboard.

Online Registration and Payments

Easy online registrations and payments online. We take the admin out of your hands in an easy to manage format. PayFast and Stripe are the payment gateways we support which allow you to charge in 52 different currencies.

Social Real-time Leaderboard

Our real-time leaderboard can calculate standings based on multiple metrics. The figures update once someone submits their numbers and it ranks them accordingly. Athletes like to compare themselves against their friends, so they can push harder. This is an optional feature, and you can disable this if you would like to.

Challenge Dashboard

The event manager has access to have an overview of the whole challenge and a breakdown of improvement for each category.

Athlete Dashboard

The athletes have a 360 view of their improved results for each challenge with their own dashboard.

Athlete History

Athletes can follow their progress over multiple challenges that they take part in.

Goal Tracking

There is an easy-to-use tracking system for athletes to make sure they're on track to achieve their goals.

Ongoing Challenges

Event managers can run ongoing challenges where they can setup a challenge to start at a certain number of days after signing up.

Manage User Photo/Video for Challenge

Event managers and athletes can upload before and after photos or videos to provide proof of the improvements made.

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